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Arik Tal-Or

Arik Talor is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist whose work spans architecture, design, industrial innovation, and sculpture. Born and raised on a kibbutz in Israel, Arik's passion for artistic expression was ignited during his studies at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, where he graduated with a degree in architecture in 1992.


After founding Coda Design & Architecture with some of his classmates they became the youngest ever architects to plan a whole city in Israel, with a groundbreaking master plan for the City of Eilat. Throughout his career, Arik has continuously pushed the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, experimenting with drawing in color pencil and chalk, as well as developing art concept innovation methods for breakthrough projects in the fields of design, aviation, and maritime industries.

In 1999, Arik founded Serren Group, an R&D company that has since become a leading innovation group in Israel. Arik's artistic vision and technical expertise have enabled him to create stunning sculptures in metal and composite materials, while also developing a digital hand-made drawing technique using laser cut and digital printing technologies.

oday, Arik splits his time between Israel and Switzerland, where he continues to create groundbreaking art and design that challenges convention and inspires awe in its viewers.

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