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Stars Milky Way Horse Kin V1 Jpg L_edited.jpg

Sea & Stars

About the collection

Between the sea and the stars, anything can happen. The Sea and Stars collection aims to capture a space of unlimited possibilities, which stem from the depth of the ocean, the movement of the waves, the transition of the clouds in the sky, and the starlight that inspires us all. Each wall sculpture illustrates the movement of a deep-sea diver, a boat, or a manta ray, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork and constantly change the relationship between the different elements. 

Deep Blue Dive Jpg L.jpg
Rowing Boat Jpg L .jpg
Star sea boat Jpg L.jpg
Manta Ray Full 2 Jpg L.jpg
Sail Boat All Jpg L.jpg
Wave Dancer Stage 4 Jpg L.jpg
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