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Milky Way Dots Horse JPG L.jpg

About the collection

With its rich history and abundant strategies, the game of chess captivates the minds and hearts of millions to this day. The Chess Collection captures the interplay of chess pieces as they move across different board landscapes. Every wall sculpture transforms the chess board into art, extending an invitation to engage in a dynamic and tactile experience, and to constantly shift between the perspective of observer and player.

Chess Gray Mountains Full Board Jpg L.jpg
2022 Chess 08 Full Board JPG L.jpg
Chess Stars S Full Board Jpg L.jpg
Chess Sunset Birds Full Board JPG L.jpg
Chess Middle Age Jpg L.jpg
Cloud Sunrise Full Board Jpg L.jpg
Chess Sun Storm  Full JPG Low.jpg
Chess 04 Full Board JPG L.jpg
Chess Air JPG L.jpg
2022 Chess 13 Full Board JPG L.jpg
B&B Chess 1 Full Jpg L.jpg
Chess F& W Full Board Jpg L.jpg
88 Full board_edited.png


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