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Stars Milky Way Horse Kin V1 Jpg L_edited.jpg


About the collection

Horses are the ultimate symbol for freedom, independence and animal strength. This collection offers a fresh perspective on the dynamic movement of horses, displaying the energy, power and motion of these unique animals. Each wall sculpture fuses kinetic animal instinct with meticulously detailed futuristic aesthetics, forming an utterly unique work of art.

Horse Blue Wave White BG
Horse Fire 02 Jpg L.jpg
2022 Chess 08 Horse 1 JPG L.jpg
Horse sea ride 2 Jpg L.jpg
Star Horse Sky B Jpg L.jpg
Winner Cut out.png
Horse Of Colours 2 Full Jpg L.jpg
Horse Yello East Jpg  L.jpg
Night Horse 02 Jpg L.jpg
Paint 16 20171115 Horse light.jpg
Paint 06 20171017 horse light.jpg
Horses-Shadows Full Jpg L.jpg
Sea Horse Position 1 Jpg L.jpg
Milky Way Dots Horse 02 V1 Jpg L.jpg
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